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Cleaning Cape Town One Carpet At A Time

How Do I Remove Chewing Gum From My Carpets?

How Do I Remove Chewing Gum From My Carpets? Method #1:  Ice Freeze the gum. Put some ice, frozen meat, or frozen vegetables in a Ziploc bag and place it directly on the carpet gum until it freezes. Then, remove the ice and peel away the hardened gum with your hands.  If the gum is…
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How to clean a carpet with baking soda

How to clean carpets using Baking Soda (Sodium bicarbonate)

HOW TO CLEAN A CARPET WITH BAKING SODA (BICARBONATE OF SODA) For many households, home carpet cleaning is a real test, especially if it has many hard-to-remove stains, so it is important to use special or improvised carpet cleaners to clean up this task. Consider some of the cheapest but effective means for cleaning carpets,…
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