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How Do I Remove Chewing Gum From My Carpets?

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How Do I Remove Chewing Gum From My Carpets?

Chewing gum in carpets

How Do I Remove Chewing Gum From My Carpets?

Method #1:  Ice

Freeze the gum. Put some ice, frozen meat, or frozen vegetables in a Ziploc bag and place it directly on the carpet gum until it freezes. Then, remove the ice and peel away the hardened gum with your hands.  If the gum is still difficult to remove, use something dull to scrape the gum off the carpet, like a butter knife.

Method #2: Compressed Air

If you have experience with computers or electronics in general, you are probably familiar with cans of compressed air, mainly used for cleaning dust. Believe it or not, compressed air can also aid in removing gum from carpets. When the can is shaken, sprayed, and held upside-down, an interesting reaction occurs. Substances inside the cylinder force the nozzle to emit extremely cold air. Use this technique to spray the gum, and when it’s frozen, peel it off the carpet.

Method #3: Peanut Butter

This method works extremely well. Spread a small amount of the peanut butter on the gum and work it into the carpet until it breaks up the gum’s sticky fibers. Then, use a butter knife to scrape the gum off the carpet. Clean up the peanut butter with a mixture of one teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and one cup of lukewarm water until it dissolves. With peanut butter, you can easily remove gum from your carpet.