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FAQ for Carpet Cleaning

Here you will find most common FAQ for Carpet Cleaners:

Q: Can you give me a quotation over the phone?
A: Yes there is no need for us to visit your home. Commercial property may require a site visit.

Q: What is better Dry Carpet or Hot Water Extraction / Steam Carpet Cleaning?
A:Hot Water Extraction / Steam Cleaning is the only recommended cleaning process by carpet and upholstery manufactures.

Q: What is the estimated drying time?
A: The carpets will be damp for a short while and completely dry within one hour, no matter the weather. In other words, carpet cleaning can be done all year round.

Q: How quickly can I get my carpet or upholstery cleaned?
A: We will try to get you an appointment within 24hrs of contacting us.

Q: How many times a year should I have my carpets cleaned?
A: Cleaning frequency depends on a number of factors such as the amount of occupants in the household, pets, smokers and children. On average you should clean your carpets once a year.

Q: Can you remove wine, tea, coffee etc…
A: Some stains can be stubborn or even permanent, therefore we can’t make any promises that we can remove them. We usually get better results if we attempt to remove the stain before anyone else tries.

Q: Can pet odors and urine be removed?
A:The deodorizer in our cleaning solution will deal with most pet odors. We use professional spotters specificity designed for the removal of urine.

Q: Can wet extraction cleaning damage my carpet?
A: No. Hot water extraction is considered to be the best method for removing embedded soil and other contaminants.

Q: What should I do about the furniture in the room?
A. Our cleaners will happily move any furniture that does not require more than one person. We would also kindly ask that you remove small objects and breakables before the cleaner arrives.

Other cleaning services offered by CPT Cleaners include: Rug Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Stain Removal, Steam Sterilization as well as Flood Extraction.

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How does Hot Water Extraction / Steam Cleaning work ?

The process is started with stain removal treatments, therefore all the stains are removed. After that, the washing process using steam, can start. Above all, steam sterilization kills insects and bacteria that might be present deep inside your carpets.

Hot Water Extraction will begin after sterilization is complete and in addition will also remove left over dirt. We use two 35 kPa suction vacuum motors. The carpets will be damp for a short while and completely dry in an hour, no matter the weather, in other words, carpet cleaning can be done in the Winter and Summer months.

In addition to steam we also sterilize using a high-tech machine with high frequency vibrations — UVC. Our cleaning system is designed to produce high frequency vibrations that further kills bacteria, fungi, and other spores. All particles are captured in a tank fitted with a filter that retains 99.97% of anything that measures 0.3 microns or more, therefore, resulting in a safe as well as hygiene environment.

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CPT Cleaners considers carpet cleaning customers as the most important element of our business therefore resulting in commitment toward customer service.


CPT Cleaners puts the carpet cleaning customers needs first. All our detergents and chemicals are environmental, pet and child friendly. We are confident that we can restore the colors of your carpets using our cleaning methods.


The CPT Cleaners team are reliable, affordable and customer friendly. This focus combined with strict quality control has made CPT Cleaners the best carpet cleaning service in Cape Town.


Our customers are treated if they are our only customer. CPT Cleaners takes the time to listen to their customers. Resulting in tailoring their service delivery to the customers exact needs and delivering excellent customer satisfaction!


The management and staff of CPT Cleaners are committed to “Clean Cape Town one carpet at a time” with the help of our customers.